Spring Road, primarily through the efforts of Rick Johnson, has supported the spread of the gospel in India since 2008. Even though he currently lives in Fort Worth, TX, with his wife Penny, Rick is known by many in the congregation as he is the son of Barb Johnson and brother of Cheryl Prichard. Once a year, Rick makes a trip to the east coast of India, traveling from the city of Chennari to the state of west Bengal, then to the country of Nepal. A typical trip usually last about 90 days. During that time, Rick works with local ministers to preach to several people, often conducting four to six meetings a day. During his most recent trip, over 1,000 individuals were baptized. He helps support many ministries there including a sewing center that teaches younger widows an income generating skill. His efforts support the construction of worship centers and provide local ministers with bicycles. If funding is available, his goal is to distribute 10,000 Bibles during a trip. Medicine, food, and clothing have been given to those residing in two leper colonies and support provided for medical clinics. Rick has made use of garage sales to help raise funds for the ministries and last year Spring road sponsored a garage sale. any church members and others contributed items for sale and over $6,000 was rasised to purchase Bibles. Working with Billie Thorne and Ranee Brown, children raised enough through their bake sale to buy four bicycles for ministers. Rick operates his personal mission efforts through his organization, HIM (Humanitarian International Missions) which operates under the oversight of the West Freeway Church of Christ in Fort Worth. Rick would welcome donations to help support any of the ministries especially funds for Bible purchase and distribution. Donations can be made out to and sent to the West Freeway Church of Christ, 1900 S. Las Vegas Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76108, with a note that it is for HIM.