We are excited to announce that as of June 7th, we will be reopening our Church for worship. Below are our recomendations and guidelines that we’ll be practicing as we move forward.

Before You Arrive:

If you can, watch the video “What to Expect,” that will be included in Friday’s bulletin email to familiarize yourself with our temporary approach to on-site worship services. Assess your family’s health on Sunday before joining us.

If anyone feels sick or has a temperature, please worship online that day. Touchless thermometers are available at the church if you would like to reassess your health upon arrival. Although we are thrilled to have your kids in worship, Junior Worship will not be available on June 7th. We hope to have it up and running in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

For now, the coffee normally offered will not be provided.

The Health Department Recommends You Stay Home If:

You are over the age of 65 and have “at-risk” conditions, such as:

Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

Severe obesity with underlying medical conditions

Chronic kidney disease

undergoing dialysis

Serious heart conditions

Immune compromised

Liver disease


When You Arrive:

Wearing a mask is optional, but recommended according to the state order. It is your choice to wear or not wear a mask. Be reminded that studies have shown that masks reduce the “spray” when a person is singing or talking loudly.

Our doors will be opened for you to avoid that touchpoint.

Arriving a little earlier than usual will be a great help in controlling the flow of people in order to keep our safe social distance!

Once Inside:

We want to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere, but try to do so while minimizing physical contact. Remember that close groups can raise the risk of transmitting a virus.

Restrooms will be open. We ask that you try to minimize the number of people using them at the same time.

Tissues, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves and masks will be available if needed.

A communion table will be in the lobby. Pick up your communion and take it with you to your seat.

A second table will have a basket for your offering and a place to fill out prayer requests, if so desired.

Please carry all personal items with you to your seat.

Appropriate spaced seating is available in the auditorium.

Once seated, take a moment to praise God for the gift of worshipping together once again!

As much as it is in power as a parent, please keep kids in your immediate presence.

The nursery will be open but not attended. Parents, plan on monitoring your child as needed. Toys have also been removed, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Once worship is over, please try to observe appropriate social spacing in your conversations after service concludes. If you need prayer or simply need time to talk, please stay where you are and let us know.

Note: our bible classes will continue to be held online. The Psalms study will be held at 9:15 AM on Zoom. Worship will start at 10:30 both in person as well as on Facebook Live.

We are very aware of how different from our usual Sunday experiences these practices may feel. During this temporary transition, please remember to extend grace and peace to everyone. Even if they do not share your convictions about current practices, they do share your convictions about God and the people He loves.

Note: our bible classes will continue to be held online. The Psalms study will be held at 9:15 AM on Zoom. Worship will start at 10:30 both in person as well as on Facebook Live.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will Spring Road re-open for onsite worship?

A: June 7th, 2020.

According to paragraph four of Governor DeWine’s latest “Stay Safe Ohio” orders, regardless of what phase of re-opening we are in, religious gatherings are permitted to the limitations of 10 or 50 people. Church are, however, encouraged to implement safe distancing measures along with reducing maximum capacity by 50% of the local fire code standards. We are most concerned about the “readiness” of Spring Road than a specific date. With that in mind, we are making steady progress toward that goal. You can expect updates from us that will keep you informed.


Q: What precautions has Spring Road taken to minimize the risk of infection?

A: We have made the following changes in order to most protect our members:

Doors will be propped open in order to minimize handles as a touchpoint. Sanitizer will be provided on your way in and out. Distanced seating will be implemented in the auditorium. Open pews have been marked as such. “No Touch” thermometers are available, but we encourage you to assess your own health beforehand. Social spacing is encouraged. Paper bulletins will not be distributed. Refreshments will not be provided. A communion station will provide for safe distribution on your way into worship. A basket will be available to drop off your offering. Junior Worship is temporarily suspended. Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting is happening.


Q: How can I be sure that coming back to church will not spread the virus?

A: All we can do is observe the best protocols at the moment and adjust as recommended.


Q:How will we handle people that refuse to comply with our guidelines?

A: We are confident that communicating expectations for respectful behavior will be enough.


Q: Are you going to make us wear masks and gloves?

A: They are not required, but we encourage people to take responsibility for their own protective measures. Masks and gloves are available if you need them.


Q: What about a designed “High Risk Room” for the vulnerable?

A: At this time, we are convinced that adequate measures have been provided for all. If we determine that more is necessary, we will certainly do what we can to oblige the need.


Q: What if I am scheduled to serve as a volunteer, but I am not comfortable doing so yet?

A: Please reach out to your ministry leader so we can make other arrangements. By no means do we want any of our volunteers to resent their service to the church.


Q: What will we do about our Sunday children’s program/nursery, VBS and summer camp?

A: Our nursery is open but unattended.

Plan on staying with your child and bringing any toys or items your child may require. Junior Worship will open as soon as we have a safely distanced plan for the children who need it. We are working to open it soon! Alternative plans are currently being considered for VBS.


Q: What about small groups?

A: At this time, we will continue to make use of Zoom.


Q: Will we continue to offer online worship after going back to onsite worship?

A: Yes! We think there are many benefits to continuing to offer both services.


Q: Will we offer s Sunday morning Bible class when we re-open?

A: We will continue our Zoom study at 9:15 on Sunday mornings for now.


Q: What about a drive-in service as an alternative?

A: We are more hopeful in devoting our energy into providing in-house services that observe national, state, and local guidelines.


Q: Do our cars need to be spaced in the parking lot?

A: There are no official guidelines recommending that.


Q: Will we notify the church if someone tests positive?

A: Only if it id determined that people at SRCOC have been exposed.


Q: What will be done if we exceed capacity?

A: We expect that the seating we have provided in the auditorium will be adequate.

If the attendance exceeds that seating, we will do everything we can to accommodate the demand without encroaching on the space of those who are seated.


Q: What about baptisms?

A: The water in the baptistry will be changed between baptisms. Robin and Caleb have indicated that they are more than willing to take the risk!