Youth Group Registration

Below you will find information and links to register for upcoming events. If there are any questions, please reach out to Caleb McGaughy.

For all trips, please register under the grade you are currently in, or the grade you just completed.

Middle School Trip

MS Trip Registration


[date] July 26th
[price] $35 per person

All of our Middle Schoolers are invited to join us for a day-trip to Kings Island! Parents are welcome to come, as well. Invite a friend!

We will leave the church at 9AM and return in the afternoon at 5PM.

For lunch, please bring a packed lunch so we can all eat together. We will keep them in coolers and meet during the day for lunch.

Registration will close Sunday, June 21st.

High School Trip: Rainbow Omega

HS Trip Registration


[date] August 5th through August 10th
[price] $80 per teen

This year, our high schoolers will be going to serve at Rainbow Omega in north Alabama. RO is a community for adults with various mental and physical disabilities. While there, we will assist in improving the campus, as well as work with and build relationships with the residents. For more information about RO, visit their website:

Before returning home, we will head to Atlanta to visit Six Flags and the World of Coke.

The cost ($80) covers our hotels while at RO, all activities while in ATL, and almost all of our meals. The only additional money needed will be for 3 fast food meals while driving and for any other snacks/drinks desired while driving.

Registration will be open until Sunday, July 28th. Money is due on this day.

Due to limited transportation, we will only be able to take as many people as we can fit in our vans. This number will increase as Chaperones are added.

Please fill out the form for each teen. Deposits can be dropped off at Church. Make checks out to Spring Road.