Spring Road Summer Series Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t the only influential figure who appeared on the Judean scene in the who centuries surrounding His birth. But He is the only one who changed the world because He was the only one from God (Acts 5:33-39).

Why were people drawn to Jesus? Why did they follow Him then, and why do they still follow Him today? For at least 3 reason: His miracles, His teaching, and His character. Jesus’ miracles and teaching have received ample attention through the years, much more than His character. Ironically, it is His character that Christians have been called to develop. He has not charged His followers with producing miracles or creating teachings of their own. (we have His miracles and His teaching in the Scriptures). But we have been empowered to display His character.

What was His character like? The people in the first-century Judea were not used to a humility, and self-discipline day in and day out. The people of that day were not used to someone demonstrating those and other godly traits all of the time. Jesus’ character, as much as His miracles and teaching, caused people to continually ask, “Who is this Man?”

Books and schedules are in the lobby. ONE per household. Starting this Wednesday, June 6th, with David Miller on “A Life of Humility.”