Last Sunday, the youth group hosted our first Harvest Meal. We invited our Young at Heart group to join us for an eventful evening filled with good food and great company.

First, the teens challenged our attendees to a game of Family Feud. After a hard-fought loss, the teenagers moved onto the second portion of our evening – acting as waiters and waitresses to our guests.

Maggie and I were moved to see the excitement in our teens as they interacted and served the Young at Hearts. It was truly a beautiful evening. Special thanks to our teens, our older members, and everyone who donated food or decorations. Successes could not be had without people like you.

– Caleb McGaughy

This past weekend, our youth group was blessed by Camp Otyokwa for our Fall Retreat. We had several silly activities throughout the weekend as well as several times of breakout classes, worship and devotionals. Our theme was “Look What You Made Me Do” where we looked at some of the ways that God makes us do remarkable things when we commit to serving him.

Saturday night, we had one of the teens decide to do just that. Danielle Spryn decided to be baptized and make that commitment. Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers over this event.

– Caleb and Maggie McGaughy

Tuesday, October 31st 6-8pm

Spring Road Church of Christ

Kids will receive treats, prizes, food and fun!

Volunteers are needed to decorate the trunks of their cars (by 6pm) to hand out candy. Please sign-up on the sign-up sheet in the hallway. Please see Robin Weier if you have any questions. We also need donations of candy to give out for trick or treat. Please place candy donations in the box in the hallway. Thanks!

On Saturday, September 9th, we hosted an Ohio State watch party for our church and our community. Even though the game did not end in OSU’s favor, we had a great time, fellowshipping with almost 100 people. While most of these were our church members, we also had about 30 visitors. This was an awesome way to introduce our church to some people in our community. What an awesome time! We also want to say thank you to everyone who donated yard games, helped us set up, and helped us clean up. Without you, we would not have been able to host such a successful community event. If you would like to know what other events the youth group is having, or find out ways that you can help, be sure to grab a youth bulletin from the basket in the foyer! Thanks again for making our event such a success!

-Caleb and Maggie McGaughy