Given it is the cold and flu season and that several of our members have recently tested positive for Covid, out of an abundance of caution, the Eldership is recommending the following for classes and services through Sunday, November 14 in order for the existing infections to have an opportunity to run their course and to potentially minimize new occurrences:

All adult, young adult and teen classes will be online via zoom, with no in-person classes.

There will be no Junior Worship.

We will still be providing in-person services, including communion, on Sundays, November 7th and 14th for those that wish to attend; however, ANYONE that considers themselves to be higher-risk to the virus’ effects, currently has any symptoms, or feels uncomfortable in general to remain at home and take advantage of services via Facebook Live for the next couple of weeks.

This adjustment in our services and classes is purely intended to be short-term and we will evaluate our health status at the end of this period.

In Christ,

J, Chuck, Mark and Tom