Adult Summer Series

On Wednesday nights throughout the Summer, our church invites speakers from around the area to lead our discussions as we move through a book together. We hope your family will join us in-person or on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, or click the links below to watch the recordings. Contact the office to request a book.


The recordings from the 2024 Summer Series are available below! TBe sure to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM for our regular Bible classes.

2024 Theme | "When Your Way Isn't Working" by Kyle Idleman

If you’re regularly feeling discouraged, frustrated, fatigued, or anxious, that’s a good indication that something in your life is out of sync. Drawing from John 15, Kyle offers a hopeful, biblical perspective on overcoming discouragement, distractions, fear, and isolation. Jesus told his disciples everything they needed to know to live a fruitful life: “stay connected to me.” But how do we actually do that?

In the end, the fruit of your life won’t have to do with what you accomplished but with whom you stayed connected. Because no matter what happens next in this uncertain world, what matters most, lasts the longest, and brings the greatest joy is staying connected to the God who never leaves you.

Keep scrolling to see the scheduled speakers and watch any recordings! Links will be made available following the sessions.

This Year's Speakers

section 1 : diagnosing the disconnection

Chapter 1: Diagnosing the Disconnection

Dion Frasier
June 5th

Chapter 2: The Disconnection Dashboard

Cody Balch
June 14th

CHAPTER 3: I WaSn't Expecting It to Be Like this

Bryant Myers
June 19th


Adam Metz
June 26th

Chapter 5: "I'm Worn Out"

Jason Blackwell
July 10th

Chapter 6: "I Don't Know What to Do"

Bryan Crum
July 17th

section 2 : the way of connection

Chapter 7: Be the Branch

Vincent Ford
July 24th

Chapter 8: Picked Up and Cleaned Off

Jeff Darby
July 31st

Chapter 9: The Bonsai Way

Jeff Darby
August 7th

chapter 10: tangled up

Russell Howard
August 14th

Chapter 11: growing pains

Scott Perreault
August 21st

chapter 12: grafted and growing

Bishop Darby
August 28th

Books From Years Past

2023 | Love first

Hate, even in its most nefarious forms, is no match for the matchless love modeled by Jesus. Love is his cure for the sick and dying world. Historians, sociologists, and theologians agree that we are experiencing the most fundamental changes in global society in the last five hundred years. And while the church has a lofty vision and mighty power, we are disastrously unprepared. This book presents an understandable, practical, and doable approach to loving others with such clarity and conviction that the world will truly know the God who loves us first.

2022 | Everything You Need

In Everything You Need, bestselling author and Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah uses 2 Peter 1:3–11 to show you the path to spiritual and personal transformation through some of the critical tools the Lord provides—diligence, virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness, and love—to help you live boldly and confidently. Dr. Jeremiah also highlights the extraordinary resources God has already provided for your growth: His divine power and precious promises.

2020 | To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain

Each week we studied the book of Philippians as we looked at the book through the eyes of Matt Chandler and each speaker. The book was entitled To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain. This book calls us to follow Christ with everything we’ve got. It is as simple and as profound as that!