On Our Calendar

Contact the office with questions about specific events, or to learn more about our Chuch!

Men’s Retreat | September 16th - 17th

All adult men are invited to join us for a weekend of outdoor activities, Bible study, and brotherly love. The cost is $5. Register online.

OSU Game On The Grass | September 24th

Buckeyes vs. Badgers! Hosted by our hospitality team.

Invite your friends and join us for our annual watch party! The game kicks off at 7:30 PM.

Harvest Meal | October 9th

This is a dinner event that the teens have put on for our 55+ group every fall. It is put on by youth from our congregation and our members love it. We could use a few extra hands, so if you’re available in the evening, please let us know!

Ladies Retreat | October 21st - 22nd

Join us for our 2 day ladies retreat, “Wonderfull World: God’s Love and Wonder.” All 4 sessions will be held at the church building (you can spend the night at the building if you’d like!) Food will be provided. No cost!

Register at the building or contact the office. See Karen Botti to volunteer to help.

Trunk-Or-Treat | October 31st

Decorate the trunk of your car and pass out candy to Westerville trick-or-treaters!

Members, we are now accepting candy donations. Candy that will not melt is preferable.