An in-person workspace for middle and high school students because virtual school doesn't have to be done in isolation.

When: Wednesdays from 10AM to 2PM

Middle and High School students are invited to bring their school work to our building to use as a community workspace. Students are welcome to come and go at any time from 10 to 2. Adults will be present in the building to supervise and offer guidance.

Several of our rooms will be open for use: our large fellowship hall, which will include tables for working and socializing, as well as our classrooms to use for private workspaces and video conferences. All rooms will have internet, charging stations and school supplies. Snacks and drinks will be available, but bring your own lunch. 

Students are required to wear masks at all times unless they are eating. Hand sanitizer and other sanitizing equipment will be accessible throughout the building to provide a clean environment.

Currently we will only be open one day a week. If there is interest and the need arises, we will expand to multiple days. Have questions? Please email our youth minister, Caleb McGaughy, at

All students will need a parent or guardian to sign an emergency contact form with our COVID-19 waiver. The form can be found below.

Current Pandemic Guidelines

Per the state of Ohio, masks must be worn at all times while in public buildings except while eating, or if unable to wear a mask due to health reasons.

Students and family members are encouraged to assess their health regularly before leaving the house.

Students are encouraged to maintain a safe 6-feet distance from non-family members to wash their hands often. Please use caution if interacting with another students supplies and school materials.

Students are required to sanitize their workspace when they are finished working.

If the student has interacted with someone who has tested positive with the virus, it is recommended that they quarantine themselves for 2 weeks and take covid tests until a negative result is received.

For a full list of safe practices and coronavirus statistics, please visit the COVID-19 portal for the State of Ohio.