Thank you to all who were able to participate in this meeting. If you were unable to join us in person or on Zoom, the meeting recording can be watched below. Sorry, in advance, if you are unable to hear some of the comments from the pews. If you need clarity about something that was said, please let us know.

Our elders still (and are always) anxious to hear your feedback, your concerns, and your comments. Please look over the summary below and send in your thoughts. You can do so by emailing the office, or by reaching out to one of our elders individually.

Recording and Meeting Summary Below

Introduction | As our elders often emphasize, when they consider being good stewards over the resources at Spring Road, the spiritual emphasis always comes first. Our mission and 5 vision pillars help direct how we move forward with money, energy, and time.

Ministry Positions | There is a plan to shift Caleb McGaughy out of youth ministry and into a preaching and teaching role. This move means that he would preach on a more regular basis, that he would play a key role in shaping our classes and small groups, while placing an emphasis on our young adults and young families. This change presents a short-term need to continue ministering and teaching teens. We have a number of ideas on how to do this, through our own adults or by hiring an intern.

Education Wing | Our current education wing is not adequate to effectively teach our children. We have a wave of young children who are both already here and are quickly coming. The plan is to hire an architect to envision a plan to adapt the current wing or build above the current wing.

Building Projects | There are a number a projects that have been in the works since before the pandemic that are still on the horizon. Two of these are the outdoor Pavilion, usable for fellowship and worship, and a Playground. We are still working to make these happen in the near future, with priority given to the education wing improvements.

Communion and Potlucks | We intend to restart our regular communion service, with the passing of the plates, as soon as a worship schedule is able to be produced. Prepackaged emblems will still be available. In conjunction with this, we intend to resume regular potlucks, starting with a Pancake luncheon hosted by the Scout troops in March, and our Senior Sunday potluck in May.

Outreach | A big part of our mission as a church is, “Share Jesus.” First and foremost, this is something that must be done individually, but we need to do better at equipping our members to do so. This is something that has been on Robin’s heart lately, and there will be some opportunities coming for you to partner with us to do this.

Other Notes | (1) The lounge hallway is near completion. This is intended to be used by all of our community for fellowship and gathering. A huge thanks is due to Terry Barnhouse for his vision and to Dan Martin for his hard work on the counter. (2) An idea was put forth to reserve a section of the auditorium for our high-risk members who are hesitant to attend our services in person.

Your feedback is requested on these items. Additionally, if there is something that we did not cover, or if there is anything your elders can do to serve you better, please share that too. Do so either by contacting the office or by reaching out to one of the elders individually.

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