Who Needs To Know?


The book of Acts describes the work that was taking place through the Apostles as the gospel moved throughout the world. Often, this meant that opposition sought to silence this news. This was the case in Acts 4, as we looked at previously, but it is true once again in Acts 5. In this chapter, there are compelling words spoken about the spread of the gospel and they don’t come from one of the twelve, but from one of the opposition leaders. Gamaliel, one of the leaders, says this to the Jews who were holding the apostles captive,

"So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them."

Acts 5:38–39

A couple of months ago, we worked through Acts 1-4 to witness what was taking place in the early Church. Because they had seen something worth sharing, they couldn’t not share it. In order for the gospel to spread effectively, all that is needed is believers who are convinced by what they’ve seen. There is no special program or right time or set method to reach people. There isn’t even a requirement on how much you need to know before you can share. All that is needed is people who have witnessed the truth. If we can embrace this attitude as a Church, fully appreciating our role as eye witnesses, then there is nothing that the world can do to stop us. Because our message isn’t of man, it is of God.

As we continue on in Acts this month we’re going to focus not on the what, but the who. If we know that what we’ve seen and heard is true, and we know that it is going to succeed, then we need to know who needs to hear it. It isn’t enough to say that there are people out there need Jesus, we need to have a real picture in our minds about who it is. Maybe it is those you know who oppose the Church and what it stands for, or maybe those who are alone, or maybe those who are in need. Maybe it is someone who you would never guess still needs to know the truth.

This month, let’s be asking these questions…

If you need a refresher or if you were unable to listen to our series in January on Acts 1-4, “We Can’t Help It,” I’d really encourage you to go back and listen, our sermons are always available to watch on Facebook or wherever you listen to podcast. You can find the individual sermons listed below, or click the buttons to find our the sermon series and our social links.

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This is the second article in our “I Witness” series. This is the theme for 2022. You can find the first article by clicking the button below.

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